Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls… Girls I Do Adore. Except for MARGARET SATI

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that the HBO show “Girls” is despised by a sizable chunk of the collective internet.  Since it’s debut in early 2012, I think I’ve read more hyperbolic hate written about creator Lena Dunham’s show than for any other of the much more deserving shows out there.  I’m looking at you, ENTIRE CBS LINEUP

And with January’s 2nd season premiere, it still hasn’t stopped.  You think that by this point, those who don’t like the show would have simply moved on, and watched something they actually enjoy.  But they haven’t, you see, because they are infuriated that this young woman didn’t have to, oh I don’t know, live through a Sudanese war or contract hepatitis C or some shit to get a TV deal.   She’s educated, and her parents weren’t broke, and she caught a break.    This is the reason we hate her??

Why aren’t we focusing our efforts on tweeting snarky hashtags about the segment of America that collectively invests in the vapid stylings of The Bachelor, or the crude fart factory that is Two and a Half Men?   Is is too easy?  Do we need to personally attack each and every single celebrity who ever existed in the history of ever?

So, instead of conducting an exhaustive search for all criticisms spread across the various blogs and websites out there, and then debunking the ridiculous and personal nature of most of these attacks, I’ve decided to randomly pick an article/blog that slams Girls from a “I hate Girls tv show” google search and tell the author why they are stupid.  And the winner is…

Reread number 1 on the list.  (Yeah, this is an interactive reading, don’t be lazy.)  The “voice of the generation” comment she refers to from the pilot episode has been insanely misinterpreted.  Hannah, the character Dunham plays, make a comment along the lines of she could be “the voice of her generation.  Or A voice of her generation.”  Her character says this to prevent her parents from cutting her off financially.  Oh, also, her character is supposed to be self involved and a little spoiled.  That’s kind of the point, the show is about her journey to adulthood.  Oh, AND when she says it, her character is high on OPIUM TEA.  So can we  pump the brakes a little on the critique of this specific line?  Jesus.  If everyone was defined by one particular line they used in desperation at the age of 23… Moving on.

#10 on her list (I’m making it too easy for you now) – “The way she looks is NOT what real women look like. Real women are not fat blobs who don’t care what they look like. People who said she looks real are confusing gross with real.”

What gorgeous metropolis of superhumans do you reside in, lady?  She looks a lot like 23 year old girls I knew either finishing college or just out of college, who don’t have an infinite amount of money to spend on clothes, makeup, diet, etc.  Also, as writer / star / sometimes director, she has the funds and authority to shoot herself in better light, from more flattering angles, with a better wardrobe.  And she doesn’t.  Because guess what? Life does not always allow you another take from a different angle.  Sometimes people just look shitty, and the guts it takes for a celebrity (and whether you like it or not, she is a celebrity) to show themselves in such an unflattering light, simply to maintain the realism of the show is incredible.  So… face

#9.  “Many people especially the main girls are played by daughters of famous people – Brian Williams and David Mamet to mention few. When Dunham was asked about nepotism she said “I was always pretty good at ignoring because it seemed so rooted in basic human jealousy and dislike of other people’s success. There’s just no other way to read that one.” What? I think she may need help. There is nothing wrong with making something with your friends, who just happen to have famous daddies. But at least own up to it.”

Yeah, because the DRUMMER FOR BAD COMPANY has such cultural cache that he can make his daughter a star by snapping his fingers.  Oh, wait, no he can’t, he’s the DRUMMER FOR BAD COMPANY.   Jesus Christ.  This is pretty funny, though.

I will, however, concede that one does not fuck with Brian Williams.  EVER.  Just don’t do it, you guys.

Anyway, I could continue to expertly dissect her idiotic reasons for not liking a television show.  But instead, I’ll just wrap it up and offer a small piece of advice.  If you like a show, watch it, if you don’t then don’t.  But I think we can all agree that nothing televised will ever top this.

– Stephen


One thought on “Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls… Girls I Do Adore. Except for MARGARET SATI

  1. I had my own runin with this terrible person today, who has the nerve to call Dunham a fat blob and not a real woman, but when I called her judgmental she flipped her shit.

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