Letter from the Co-Editor

 I’ve always been a fan of television, because it’s continual and evolving.  Sure, one show may end or get cancelled, but the next week, something is there, in its place, waiting for you… like comfort food for your eyes and empty calories for your brains. 

RuPaul's Drag Race Marathon? YOU KNOW IT

But I think my obsession with TV is getting out of control.  If I were an episode of Intervention, I’d be Allison, and TV would be my computer duster.  I can’t get enough.  Game of Thrones, Eastbound and Down, Breaking Bad, JustifieDOHMYGOD


Are we in the golden age of television, where there is literally too much quality stuff to watch?  It’s like this little snowball formed somewhere in the early 2000’s, caught me in its downward trajectory and is slowly trampling me to death.  I can’t say when exactly this deluge of time wasting television began for the rest you shut-ins, but for me, it was somewhere between the end of Arrested Development and Veronica Mars, and the beginning of The Office and Deadwood. 

Never sneak up on a man who's been in a chemical fire, Rod.

Now, I’m going out less and less.  I feel like I’m an illegal immigrant, because the only words that come out of my mouth are Troy and Abed quotes, or lines from Don Draper.    And people just stare at me in confusion.  Shit, these are an actual pair of shoes I own: 

I’m telling you all of these things because I want you to read the wonderful things my friends and I will be writing about, and maybe we can share a comment or two?  You know, when it feels right.  Some of you may be wondering, “How do I know if this website is for me?  There are SO MANY tv blogs to choose from?”  To which I would reply, “Please refer to the Venn Diagram below”:

We will accept two out of three

 So as we continue to write and talk about the IMPORTANT things happening in the world, i.e How Josh is basically Archer and Bev loves her some Property Virgins, just remember.  We do this because we love you.  No, no… not you.  YOU.  Did you do something with your hair?  It looks fantastic!



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